Things to Consider While Booking a Hotel For a Sports Team

Travelling as a sports team is fun because it gives everyone a chance to explore new cities and to prove your mettle as champions. However, for the coach and the rest of the managers, this is also a hectic period especially when it comes to finding the best sports team accommodation. Many games have been lost because players did not get the best lodgings and the blame always goes to the management.

To avoid failing your fans, it is important to follow the following tips in order to find the best hotel for your players. Such an establishment not only boosts their morale but also guarantees nerves are not frayed as you head to the field. Here are some ideas to use:

1. Location

You have to consider the location of a sports team hotel to guarantee easy access to the stadium and other major amenities. You don’t want an establishment that is far away because this will affect training and you can even miss your event due to poor accessibility. Consider how easy it will be for your bus to get to the training grounds and the competition area before booking.

2. Group Size

Consider the number of everyone in the entourage because it is advisable to accommodate everyone under one roof. This makes logistics easier and as the coach, you can keep an eye on everyone. When you have a number in mind, it becomes easier to find a facility in a suitable location. The size of the group also determines the availability of space for your luggage.

3. Favorable Rates

A good hotel should offer favorable rates considering you are in a group. The best facilities offer discounted rates and packages to attract more guests and even fans. Look out for an establishment that offers special rates for return guests because you will definitely be playing in the city in future.

4. Meeting Room

Meetings and brainstorming sessions are a major feature of a successful team. You should look for a facility that has enough space to allow for such meetings during your stays because they are invaluable in strategizing the way forward.

5. Amenities

The right establishment should have state-of-the-art facilities to guarantee a comfortable stay to prepare everyone for the game. Look out for wireless internet, warm/cool pools, fitness center, satellite TV among other amenities.

6. Nearby Attractions

To help every member relax, it is important to book accommodation near main attractions where you can all visit and unwind. From game parks, zoos, concert halls, theatres, parks, shopping malls, water parks to world-class restaurants, ensure there are group activities you can all engage in together near your place of stay.

Finding the best place for your team to stay in a new city can be tricky as a manager, but with these tips, you are sure to get it right and ensure everyone is in high spirits before the competition.

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