How to Get Hotel Discounts for an Exceptional and Affordable Stay

As the holidays near, travelers start scouting the internet for the best deals on rooms. Rates for lodging vary widely depending on the destination and the details of the package. Typically, the rates can range from $45 to $200 per night. Whatever the case, it makes sense to save a few dollars, especially for those who are planning for extended stays or are traveling as a group or family. Here are a few tips for getting hotel discounts when planning for a holiday.

1. Proper Timing

The best deals tend to be seasonal, so proper timing is the best tool for hooking the right deals. Some online tools offer predictions on how prices are expected to change over a period of time. With this information, it is possible to plan ahead and book a room when the rates are most affordable. Another trick is checking in near the end of the day when hotels have a better sense of occupancy. It’s likely that they will offer more reasonable rates during such times.

2. Paying For a Package

Instead of just paying for a room alone, travelers should consider bundling their room and flight booking to take advantage of reduced rates. That way, it is possible to get a discounted rate on both the flight and room. Some companies also include different services in the package, such as tour services, and this means more savings to the traveler.

3. Loyalty Programs

Those who have favorite hotels can sign up for loyalty programs. For example, some hotels offer free Wi-Fi on all trips, best rates whenever a traveler checks in, and access to exclusive events. Some services also offer free items or free nights with certain bookings. Some third-party booking sites also offer loyalty programs to their regular clients.

4. Using Price Alert Tools

Travelers who don’t have time to search online for the best hotel discounts can sign up an online service that sends alerts when rates drop. There are also free tools that offer maps to show areas where rates are increasing or declining. This is helpful for those who are not set on a particular decision and are still planning their trip.

5. Travel Groups

Another simple trick is to travel or book rooms as a group. Hotels tend to offer lower rates to people who book as a group. If it is a special occasion, such as an anniversary, birthday, or honeymoon, it never hurts to mention it to the hotel. Some locations have programs whereby members can refer other people and earn points, which they can use to cut the rates on their next stay.

To get the best hotel discounts, early planning is necessary, especially during the holidays or seasons when weddings are common. Travelers should take the time to search for deals or make a direct call if necessary.

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